Rhino on the National Highway

March 6, 2017, 3:33 pm

It's a glimpse of how a strayed  rhino  from  Kaziranga National Park  triggered terror on the National Highway in the north east Indian state of Assam recently. Traffic movement in this busy road in the entire area came into a grinding halt at least for half an hour. But the people on the wait enjoyed it.

“ As we saw the one horned animal we had to halt in fear. But it did not target us. Amid fear we enjoyed,” said Sanyaj Basak, a driver who was carrying a family to Nagaon from Guwahati.

Harinder Singh, who was travelling to Tinsukia on a Bolero with his family members had no fear as he enjoyed the movement the one horned  rhino. “Much to our delight it crossed our vehicle and we had a nice click on my mobile. Terrific indeed,” said the traveller.

R C Joe, a foreign tourist  was  equally excited to have a glimpse of the wanton animal loitering on the street. “As I looked at to and fro, sudden I caught the glimpse of it. I saw rhino during my  visit to the famed heritage site. Bur never I have seen the animal on the road,” said the New Zealand tourist.

 Early in the morning it tried to cross the highway in search of food. We tried to restrict it. Then it  walked straight  to  the road and then again left for the pit. It happens at times. We are on alert,” said a forest guard.

Kaziranga, the abode of  one horned  rhino at times hits media headlines for rampant poaching amid the failure to restrict it triggering a hail of protests  by the several organizations.