Mizoram releases Hmar leader ahead of arms laying down ceremony

April 12, 2018, 11:03 am
Aizawl (Mizoram ), April 12 :Lalbieklien, a sergeant of Hmar People’s Convention (Democratic), was released from jail on Wednesday, following the peace accord signed between the HPC (D) with Mizoram government on April 2.
The 41-year-old militant leader was the commander of the group at the time of ambush on an MLA convoy on March 28, 2015 near Zokhawthiang hamlet on the Mizoram-Manipur border. He was arrested by Assam Rifles personnel from Manipur on October 16, 2015 and was handed over to Mizoram police and brought to Aizawl the next day.
Lalbieklien was released from the central jail at Tanhril near Aizawl on Wednesday as the Mizoram government granted amnesty to all the HPC (D)cadres having criminal cases in the state as per the Memorandum of Settlement (MoS) signed on April 2 here.
He will take part at the “home coming or arms laying down ceremony” to be held at Central Training Institute (CTI), Sesawng, about 39 km from Aizawl on Friday.
Meanwhile, Mizoram Governor Lt. Gen. Nirbhay Sharma (Rtd) hailed the peace accord between the Mizoram government and HPC (D) as a milestone in bringing peace in the state.
“It is with great pride and happiness that I congratulate the Mizoram Government and the HPC (D) on having signed a peace accord on April 2. With the stroke of a pen, we have brought to an end 24 long years of suffering and insurgency. The resolve and dedication shown by all the stakeholders towards this end must be commended,” Sharma said.
The Governor also said, “After the historic peace accord of 1986, Mizoram has taken the lead yet again in displaying that peace is attainable even in politically vexed and mired situations”.
“We have continued to showcase that we are one of the most peaceful States, if not the most peaceful, in India. The political will of the Government, the trust shown by the HPC (D), and the role played by the civil society all deserve applause,” the Governor said.
Sharma then appealed to all sections of the society to show absolute sincerity in making this a long-lasting solution and expressed belief that the state government and Hmar militant outfit will remain true to all their commitments.
Courtesy :The Morung Express

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