Indian Society of Agricultural Economics Conference held in Meghalaya

October 12, 2017, 11:46 pm
Umiam (Meghalaya ):The 77th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Agricultural Economics, Mumbai is being organized by College of Post-Graduate Studies, Central Agricultural University (Imphal) is underway from  12 to 14, October, 2017. 
The programme is being  organized in collaboration with ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region.The inaugural function was held on Thursday here which  was graced by Dr. R. S. Paroda, Former Secretary, DARE and Director General, ICAR, Dr. Y.K. Alagh, Chancellor, Gujarat Central University and former Vice-Chancellor, JNU, Prof. Abhijit Sen, Professor of Economics, JNU and Former Member of Planning Commission, Prof. M. Premjit Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Central Agricultural University, Imphal and numbers of renowned economists of India working in Agricultural Sector. 
M. Premjit Singh,  highlighted the progress and success of the University during the last few years. Central Agriculture University, Imphal with 13 colleges across seven states has already made an impact in the country. 
Dr. Paroda  mentioned that NE Region is the sleeping giant in Indian agricultural sector. The country is looking towards the region for next green revolution.  Dr. Paroda also expressed his satisfaction to see the progress of the University, the seed of which he has planted. Green revolution in India had policy support and infrastructural development particularly in irrigation sector.  India has come a long way from hand-to-mouth food scenario to food security and to an environment where the country considering removing subsidy for competitive agriculture. India is however now facing the second generation problems of low factor productivity, polluted environment and high incidence of diseases and pests.  Instead of single tower growth model with high dependence on cereal it is high time that India should diversify agriculture for balance and sustainable growth.  In spite of good economic progress of the country, India still has the highest number of malnourished and hungry people, which should be pondered about.  The country is yet to be mad Krishak Pradhan from Krishi Pradha.
Prof. Y K. Alagh has highlighted the issues faced by the country in the new paradigm of planning. The Planning Commission is the past, and the NITI Ayog is in place, Unfortunately NITI Ayog has yet to come up with action plan for agricultural sector. Present dispensation is definitely committed to agricultural development but a clear roadmap in this direction is needed.  Everyone agrees the idea of doubling farmers’ income but at the same time government has to increase the investment in the agriculture. To improve agriculture the NITI Ayog has to have proper action plan on demography, energy and land & water. Further, like China, the NITI Ayog may also be given the power to allocate fund for agricultural development. The allocation in agriculture was steadily increasing under subsequent planning commission but under NITI Ayog such policy is not visible.  Prof Alagh has given much emphasis on water resource development and water management framework for sustainable development.  Water is under concurrent sector; hence a concerted effort is needed for rapid and sustainable development. Agriculture has to contribute considerably towards GDP, if India has to progress sustainably.  Water and energy are the two pillars which will set the growth rate improve.
In the inaugural function, the society gave away Life Time Achievement Fellow awards to three distinguished Economists  Dr. K. Palaniswami, Dr. P.S. Brithal and Dr. Suresh Pal.

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