Fun and activities marked the first day of IIT Techniche 2017

September 2, 2017, 5:15 pm
Guwahati (Assam): Day 1 of the 19th edition of annual techno management festival, Techniche was full of fun and activities. The day witnessed inaugural ceremonies of various activities like TechExpo, Technotlon, Workshops and Robotics Module. The crowd witnessed formal landing of an Air Force Chopper which marked the inception of the Air Force Exhibition.
In Lecture Series, a keynote was given by Dr. Nadrian Seeman, a famous American chemist and Crystallographer and well known as Father of DNA Nanotechnology. The lecture’s motive was to eventually prove that ‘DNA’ is no more a ‘Secret of Human Body’. The audience showed their enthusiasm and interest by having a healthy questionnaire session.
Next, the event was followed by another keynote by Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Member of Rajya Sabha, Harvard Associate Professor and a famous Economist. The lecture witnessed a huge crowd with people from various parts of the North East and other parts of the country. In his speech, Dr. Swamy mentioned and discussed about various issues including ‘need for an entrepreneurial outlook by the budding citizines’, ‘need for innovation’, ‘influence of British Rule on our Education System’ etc.
 “In the process of developing a country’s economy, if one needs to take huge jumps, then innovation is the solution”, said Dr. Subramanian Swamy while addressing the audience.
Swamy’s session concluded with a questionnaire session and proved to be one of the most engaging lectures of Techniche.
Apart from keynotes, Techniche witnessed huge crowd in Exhibitions, Fun events, Workshops and all other competitions.
As a part of ‘After the Sunset’ event, the night concluded with a hilarious comedy show by Sahil Shah, co founder of East India Comedy. Sahil is a famous standup comedian and was welcomed in a very cheerful way by an amazing crowd.

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