Children from wettest place on earth celebrate World Environment day

June 6, 2017, 11:07 pm
Sohra (Meghalaya ):Celebrating the World Environment Day along with the rest of the world, Society for Promotion of Indigenous Knowledge and Practice (SPIKAP), under the UNDP – CEE SGP project  “Conservation and Regeneration of Biodiversity in the Indigenous, Sacred (Grove) Forest, Community & Village Forest, Clan Forest and Private Forests in Meghalaya” organized a program 50 kms from the state capital ,on Monday,  with  seven schools from the Khatar Shnong area under Raid Diengsaw Hima Sohra. Altogether 144 school children and teachers participated in the plantation of indigenous local species of tree saplings at Lum Umthli, Raid Diengsaw, Hima Sohra.
For  the first time school children, teachers brought five to ten of their own saplings, walked up hill one an half Km to plant the saplings at Lum Umthli.
The Chairman ofSPIKAP  John Kharshiing, addressed the students, teachers and others village representatives present on the need and importance of preserving the forest and environment and also the need of preserving the indigenous species of trees that have medicinal values. Further he also expressed the need to preserve, protecting and proper documenting the sacred groves around the area as well as others that are in the state. Reading materials on preserving the environment and the sacred groves were also distributed to the schools which participated during the programme. 

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