Arunachal's Nirbhaya : Raped, tortured and murdered , what next ?

December 27, 2017, 9:59 pm
Namsai (Arunachal Pradesh )  : A 13- year old girl  from Empong Village in Namsai district was allegedly raped , tortured  and brutally murdered  in run up to the Christmas day celebrations  . She was a  8 th  standard    at  a  convent school here  in  Arunachal Pradesh .
 Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein has expressed his deep anguish and at  the recent murder of the young girl and termed it as 'shameful' and' worrying'.
He directed the District administration in  Namsai district to investigate the matter and take all necessary steps to apprehend the culprits involved in the heinous crime at the earliest.
 All the ranks and files of Tai Khampti Development Society (TKDS), on behalf of all the civilized citizens of Namsai district, stands in solidarity with the family of the young  girl  and condemned the heinous crime in strongest term. This dastardly and heinous crime committed by the perpetrators  cannot be compared with any crimes and be tolerated in any civilized society. 
The President of TKDS, Siharaja Choutang, has   demanded  an  early action and justice to the family of the deceased. The culprit must be nabbed at the earliest and awarded  capital punishment so that no one dares to commit such crimes in future, he added.
He said that off late, the crime rate within the District has increased manifold  and law & order situation has become a matter of grave concern for all the citizens of the District. It is time the administration and custodians  of Law & Order pull up  their socks to stop things going beyond the bounds. Such incidents of crime, be it a case of murder, accidents, drugs, theft, brawls areincreasing since  Namsai becoming a District HQ.
 “The movement of suspicious and anti-social elements, illegal migrants,  has gone unchecked since the recent past, which could be one of the reasons for increase in the criminal activities. The authorities’ concerned needs to ponder in this regard and devise mechanism to contain it before the confidence of the general masses is totally lost ,” Choutang said.
The Theravada Buddhist Society Itanagar, ATKSSU, ANDSU, ANAYA, Women Welfare Asociation  Namsai, Women Welfare Organisation , Chongkham and various other organizations of the district has also condemned the incident and demanded stringent punishment for the perpetrators.
 A candle light march was also organised by various organization from Namsai district to demand justice for the victim.

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