Arunachal Chopper Crash : Were the fallen martyrs dishonoured ?

October 9, 2017, 9:32 am
By : Our Roving Editor
Tawang (Arunachal Pradesh ) :  The seven  martyred  soldiers  who  died in a chopper crash near Tawang   in Arunachal Pradesh on Friday last   were reportedely  carried  from the crash site  wrapped in plastic  sacks  and tied up in cardboard if  the images  taken  are to be believed .
Seven brave soilders ( 5  Airforce personnel and two Armymen)  were onboard the     helicopter  which was supposed to drop jerry cans  full of kerosine  to a forward army base near the India China border  but crashed  before it could land .
Former Northern Army  Commander  Lt Gen (retd)  H.S. Panag  in a tweet  expressed anguish  questioning  if  this  was the way  to  bring back  brave soldiers who have sacrificed  their lives  for the motherland  . Similar sentiments were echoed  by some  veterans  from the  Armed Forces.
The Army  has asserted  that fallen soilders are always " given full military honours"  and clarified  that the "mortal remains were wrapped  in available  local resources instead of improvised body bags or coffins and admitted that it was an aberration" .
A statement  issued by the army said that the photographs  were  taken  when the bodies were  being taken to Guwahati for  post-mortem  at the base hospital. It said immediately  after the formalities were over the  mortal remains were placed in in wooden coffins with full military honours.
Meanwhile , a court of enquiry has been ordered to assertain the reasons  behind the  crash 

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