Plant more trees to prevent landslides in Garo Hills, says DDMO officials

May 21, 2017, 12:16 am
Tura (Meghalaya):Landslides has been one of the major issues  of concern in the hilly region of Meghalya's Garo Hills sector situated in India's Northeast which has  become an yearly  feature during monsoons every year. Sensing danger , Disaster Management  experts have   issued guidelines to the residents  of Garo Hills in Meghalaya  to plant more trees , as this   would minimize the causes of landslides  to a large extent. However the irony  is that , the people of this  region, has no basic knowledge about  landslides. 
The Disaster Management experts have  alerted the people  of the  region to become more  aware and   follow the  measures recommended by the government.
P. Marak, a senior officer   from DDMO ,South Garo Hills,told that  there is an urgent  need to create awareness among people  through various awareness campaign on Natural calamity in the Garo Hills sector of Meghalaya. 
Marak said, “People should be informed about the landslides due to cutting down of logs, destruction of natural herbs and deforestation which would create a vulnerable situation in the region, if preventive measures are not taken  right now .” 
 The Indian Meteorological Department  has predicted heavy showers, along with thunderstorms in the area  in the coming weeks.
 “During rainy season, the land becomes wet and moist, following which landslides occur. Parts of Baghmara  like Rongtragre village, Baghmara Bazaar area, Badambari village, Masighat, Karwani village, Balsrigittim and Rongaram region in South Garo Hills are prone to  landslides . We can grow deep-rooted grass in the region and plant more trees; terrace cutting can be another option to minimize the risk of landslides,”  added Mr. Marak. 
 Anjali Marak a resident  North Garo Hills  said "Rari area, Snalgre area, areas between Gokulgre and Bajengduba, Kharkutta area are prone to landslides. Moreover, Jhum cultivation is practised  in the areas of Rari and Snalgre and the region has no trees and during rainy seasons the soil of the hills slides down.” 
 Raksin  Sangma  a retired school teacher from East Garo Hills said, “The areas of Nogilawe, Balritiggim, Kusimkolgre, Mengsamgre, Kolmesamgre, Warimagre, Samgomg, Darimgre, Amtamgre are landslide prone  and the region needs immediate  attention as they  are near  to  district headquarters.” 

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