What a great show !! Shillong Chamber Choir strums patriotic tunes

January 28, 2018, 1:21 pm
Shillong (Meghalaya), Jan 28: A sense of bonhomie and nostalgia prevailed in  Garrison ground in  Shillong on Friday  when 101 Area organized a mesmerizing musical evening  to mark Indias  69th Republic Day.
Held at Garrison grounds,here the evening saw Shillong Chamber Choir, a world renowned choir from the city giving a musical tribute to the men and women in uniform who guard our nation, who patrol and protect our borders and battle every threat internal and external.
The conduct of the event at Shillong Cantt, the first by the choir for the services was  facilitated Lieutenant General DS Ahuja, General Officer Commanding, 101 Area.
The event received an overwhelming response and participation and was attended by 5000 soldiers and their families from Army, Air Force, Assam Rifles & Central Armed Police Forces.
The programme was a feast for the eyes, ears, heart and soul and began with a mesmerizing performance by Shillong Chamber Choir, who treated the audience to a beautiful and soulful journey of contemporary fusion music, depicting and celebrating the national fervour and paying tribute to the men and women in uniform.
This maiden gesture by the choir is an obeisance to the service and sacrifices of our soldiers and  Air men.
The event was a befitting tribute to the defence forces wherein the families also joined hands in appreciating the contributions of brave martyrs, war disabled and all those in uniform for their active role towards nation building. 

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