Assam : Solar street lights installed at Amtola Village by IIT Techniche

April 5, 2018, 8:52 pm
Guwahati(Assam) Apr 5: As the first activity of IIT Techniche 2018 edition, the annual techno-management fest of IIT Guwahati, the Techniche team has voluntarily installed five solar lights in the destitute areas of Amtola village near Kukurmara, Kamrup, with the support of village residents and Susconnect Private Limited. Recognizing its responsibility towards the society, IIT Techniche has been involved in various CSR initiatives in and around IIT Guwahati year after year. 
One of the oldest villages of Assam, more than eighty percent of Amtola is underdeveloped in technical and infrastructural aspects. It came into the notice of Techniche Initiatives with the help of some people from village, who were working in IIT Guwahati under various construction projects. 
“Techniche has been taking the initiative of installing street lights since a long back. We have been trying to make the initiative better over years, like induction of energy efficient solar lights with the support of Susconnect Private Limited. We have received a very good response from village people and Assam government which have motivated us to carry the initiative next year as well”, says Purvish Shah, Convenor Techniche 2018.
Started with a vision of revitalizing underdeveloped villages in the outskirts of Guwahati, IIT Techniche not only aims at tackling the infrastructure deficit, but also promoting new and advanced technical support to the villages. Techniche aims at the integrated development of both rural and semi-rural areas, and the initiative of installing energy efficient solar lights in the necessitous areas of the villages is a part of the program. Techniche has so far installed over 100 LED street lights in more than 50 villages, delivering benefits of 40-45 percent energy and monetary savings. 
IIT Techniche believes that providing light is something more than just solving problems, it is a step towards empowerment and enlightenment

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