Railways suffer huge loss in the current wave of floods

September 16, 2017, 11:33 pm
Guwahati(Assam) : N. F. Railways has incurred substantial losses due to damage to railway tracks and assets in one hand, and suspension of traffic on the other, during the unprecedented floods in Bihar and West Bengal last month with Katihar Division bearing majority of the brunt. Approximately Rs. 45 crore has been spent on repairing track and bridges in Katihar division alone, while the total cost of repairing has roughly been estimated at Rs. 63 crore.
The civil engineering department had to use about 40,000 cu.m of boulders worth about Rs. 8 crore for repair of bridges and tracks.  In Alipurduar Division, a bridge is being rebuilt between Fakiragram – Dhubri section at a cost of about Rs. 8.7 crore. 
On the commercial front the loss (estimated till 11-09-2017) is more than Rs. 209 crore with refund to passengers for cancelled train accounting for about Rs. 44 crore. A total of 1576 trips of mail /express trains and 1004 trips of passenger trains have been cancelled since first week of August 2017. Loss due to damage to other assets Signal & Telecommunication equipments etc are still being worked out.

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