Meet Meghalaya’s first Lady Bouncer , Jessica Bamon

Shillong (Meghalaya) :There are a few women from  India’s North East  who dared to break away from the societal norms and stereotypes. They have displayed unbelievable courage and a will to move forward in a society that is changing rapidly. While most of us dream of becoming an engineer or a doctor, you will hardly hear anyone say, ‘I want to be a bouncer or  a body builder’.
 Jessica  Bamon  was different.
She always wanted to do something new and her first assingment was as a Bouncer   at a night club in downtown Shillong .  Those days  ‘ Night End’ bar was known  for the rowdy crowds  and was  frequented  by both boys and girls  who invaribabily  ended  up in fights. Within few months of her joining  things started changing. She could bring a sense of discipline among the youngsters  . 
Hearing about her capacity , she was offered a  job as a Bouncer in Cloud Nine , one of the most happening  places in the region . She says,  ‘ to control  the crowd you need tremendous  patience  and a balanced mind  and then your job is  easy  ,but there are times when I have to flex my muscles  to bring things under control, she adds.
A native of Malki in Shillong  Jessica  completed her education  from  the Pine City and took   up two jobs  at at a time  to meet her expenses  to  cherish her dream of becoming  a Lady Body builder. She has been very active in  sporting activities since  childhood . She can play cricket , football  and basketball. You just name it , she is proficent is  almost all types sports .
But,  she has a story.  Jessica was tired when she started  getting  overweight in her teens  and that’s when she decided to join a gym and engage herself in weight-lifting. She has now gone on to participate in three  bodybuilding competitions  and that too with her extra earnings from the two jobs. In 2016 , she participated Miss Fitness Contest and was awarded   for her  determination and zeal  . The following year  she got the 2nd prize in Miss Fitness contest held in Guwahati  and just a few months back she bagged  the Ironman , Miss Fitness contest   title .
Jessica says that from chilhood  she had a desire to do something new in life and bring  pride to her homestate , Meghalaya. ” In  the world today   there are three categories of body building among women –, Bikini line , Body line and Miss Physique . I have opted for Bikini Line , ” she says .
” Now i feel fit and  my abs are literally visible and the best part is that all types of clothes  fit me which has given me  a new found confidence ” , she adds.
Undoubtedly, the transition from an overweight body to   India’s first lady  bouncer and  a  competitive bodybuilder is highly inspiring.


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