Thursday, September 19, 2019


In a world today, which speaks of only conflicts, thanks to a brain tearing, brainstorming media, South Asia Views should be the new spokesman of not an endangered world, but that of cosmic fusion, a new bearer of the media and the world wide web. This integration of the world, upheld by small or big cultures, has only one thing to fall back upon- history and the past, a cosmology of tradition and contemporaneity. South Asia Views will articulate world views, seen from new and fresh perspectives, that of single and singular humanity. The ‘ other’, the ‘ them ‘ or even the ‘ us ‘ will commingle in the grand diversity of the world, aided by new technology of hope, to cement and foster growing world relationships. The opinions expressed in the articles will be solely that of the author. South Asia Views will in no way be responsible for them. However, to accommodate divergent viewpoints and in keeping with the spirit of democracy South Asian Views host such ideas for healthy debate and discussion. South Asia Views is a forum for exchange between South Asia and the rest of the world, seeking cross-cultural discussion and mutual exchange of ideas.


Managing Editor
Rajib Chowdhury is a Fellow Panos South Asia and a senior editor and noted TV journalist.He has been covering India’s North East and South East Asia for past two-half decades for various regional, national and international media houses and TV channels. He has been awarded by various national and international organizations for his outstanding contribution in the field of journalism. Chowdhury looks after the execution of the plans and operations of the portal, from our News Headquarters in   Guwahati, Assam, India, His focus is on innovating new ideas to reach out to the readers in a more effective manner.
Executive Editor
David Laitphlang is a Shillong based senior journalist in India’s Northeast and is on the brink of completing two decades of active journalism both in print and broadcast media. Has been involved in several startups including a popular local news channel Peitngor Cable News (PCN), a newspaper that migrated to a magazine and now into a popular news portal The Northeast Today (TNT) and a national newspaper with pan northeast editions Eastern Chronicle. In the broadcast media, he is an active anchor/moderator for Doordarshan Shillong as well as All India Radio and also a News Service Associate with TV Today group. A national council member of the Indian Journalist Union, he is also an active member of several social and sports organizations and an ardent musician.
Consulting Editor (East)
Joydeep Das Gupta is a Kolkata based Multi-Media Journalist, with nearly 15 years of experience in mainstream Journalism and Academics. A former Bureau Chief of Zee News, Kolkata Bureau makes Documentary films on various issues of importance and works as Media and Communication Consultants for Corporates. Das Gupta operates out of  Kolkata in India.
Resident Editor
Ms. MK Chowdhury is our Resident Editor. Prior to her joining of SAV, she was a Post Graduate Teacher in one of the renowned educational institutions in Meghalaya. Her area of specialization is environment , tourism, and education. A post graduate in Environmental science she has vast experience in feature writing for various magazines, newspapers and also in academics. She is a regular contributing expert in radio and TV.
Technical Director
Neeraj Krishna did his B.Tech and M.Tech at IIT Kharagpur. While still at college, he started his first venture which experienced exponential growth. Since then Neeraj has bagged multiple Fortune 500 companies as his clients. At IIT, he was the topper in his specialization and has won numerous awards. He also has several international journal papers and patents to his name. He is the Co-Founder of Kolkata Ventures.