Manipur : One more Delhi returnee tests positive , state tally 26

Image : South Asia Views

By M.Devanand Sharma

Imphal (Manipur), May 22 : 1 more Delhi retunee tested positive for Covid -19 here today taking the total figure in the state to 26 .

The infected person is a 22 year old man hailing from Bisnupur District and was Quarantined at UNACCO School, Meitam .

He intitally had symptoms of stuffy nose and was tested last night at the VRDL,RIMS and found COVID 19 positive . He belongs to the group of stranded people coming back from Delhi by road.

He is now admitted in the Covid Care facility at RIMS.

Doctors said his condition is stable and all necessary control measures like containment and contract tracing have been taken up.

With this fresh case the total numbers of positive cases in the state has now increased to 26 and the total number of active cases is 24.

Doctor said that the number of positive cases are increasing in the past few days and confined to stranded people coming from outside the state . Doctors’ have advised public not to panic but should be prepared to adopt social distancing and hand hygiene using soaps or sanitizers and wearing of face mask.


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