Covid 19 : Quarantine Centre for Transgenders in Manipur

Image : South Asia Views

By M.Devanand Sharma

Imphal (Manipur), May 22 : The Government here has designated Maria Montessori Higher Secondary School in lmphal East and Government Ideal Blind School, Imphal West as institutional and dedicated Quarantine Centers respectively for transgenders in the state .

The Directorate of Social Welfare after getting news of some stranded trans genders who have come to the state recently from other states facing some inconvenience when they were accommodated in the institutional/Community Quarantine Centres together with either male or female inmates.
The department considered it prudent to open separate Quarantine Centres for the transgender so as to ensure emotional security to the persons belonging to the third gender during the current pandemic.

The Social welfare department requested the Department of Health and Family Welfare, to open a separate wing for Transgenders at the current Institutional Quarantine Centre at Maria Montessori Higher Secondary School, Koirengai, lmphal East to quarantine those coming from Red Zones.

The department has also requested to open a dedicated Transgender Quarantine Centre at Government Ideal Blind School, Takeylpat, Imphal West to quarantine stranded transgenders coming from Green Zone.

It is learnt that logistics are being arranged by the Department of Social Welfare for the transgenders who have returned to the state.

Meanwhile , the Director (Health & Family Welfare) in an order designated Maria Montessori Higher Secondary School, Koirengai and Government Ideal Blind School, Takeylpat, Imphal West as Institutional Quarantine Centre and dedicated Covid Quarantine Centre for trans genders.

The Health Department has provided masks, sanitizer, gloves, PPEs, Goggles, sodium hydrochloride solution, etc. for use in the Transgender Quarantine Centre at Takyelpat.

It is estimated that a total of 40 transgenders may require separate quarantine facility. The current set up at Govt. Ideal Blind School can accommodate 24 (Twenty four) of them and the remaining can be accommodated at Maria Montessori Higher Secondary School, Koirengei. The capacity of the centre can be enhanced as per requirement.

The stranded transgenders can also be quarantined at the Community Quarantine Centres managed by local authorities provided separate block is allocated to ensure privacy and emotional security.


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