Poem : Hunger

Representational image credit : The New York Times

By Ananya Guha

Now are the days of corona
And migrant workers
And street children thinning
Waif like
Now are the days of hunger
And blighted curse
Even as we count numbers of dead
Even as we talk of containment zones
As the migrant labourers proceed
towards home, a home they
had left
Because of hunger, which now comes
With the anodyne spirit in full circle
And the children in the streets disappear
Into the masses of a country
Because they are all driven by death
Test they say test, how many tests will
They overcome or succumb to?
Hunger or death? Or will the skeletons
emerge out of the dark dark
Unknown and standstill
Even in a world of social distance
And evening skies are submerged in silence
And hunger.


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