COVID 19 : TaFMA ‘Stay Home’ gig to spread message of hope in Nagaland

Kohima (Nagaland ), April 9 : To spread the message of hope and to encourage people to stay home at this crucial moment of history, Task Force for Music & Arts (TaFMA) got together some of the most celebrated musicians of Nagaland for a Stay Home Gig from April 4-14, 2020.

Eleven artists including Mengu Soukhrie, Nise Meruno, Kekhrie Ringa, Atsa Lang Roths, Metet Jamir, Sunep Lemtur, Thunglamo Ngullie, Tali Angh, Tetseo Sisters, Imliakum and Alobo Naga will go live streaming on Instagram (tafma_nagaland) at 7:00 pm daily for eleven consecutive days.

The idea is to spread the message of hope during this difficult time while putting across that people are going through anxiety and depression and give them the message of hope and positivity.

The artists are all professional musicians and COVID-19 has harshly affected the music fraternity with all their shows being cancelled.

According to Alobo Naga , even music teachers are without salary with music classes currently being suspended. He also expressed his deep appreciation for TaFMA Advisor, Theja Meru, who is donating his one month salary towards the Stay Home Gig.

Tetseo Sisters said that, “we can’t stress enough that people stay home but also make the time to learn something new, no pressure – spend time with family, read a book, listen to music, music and join in with us all – musicians of Nagaland as we show we care by sharing our music from our homes.”

They further said that people all over the world are finding hope by sharing food, music and art and requested everyone to join in the fun and also support artists of Nagaland as we reiterate #StayHome with this gig as they bringing the music/entertainment home to you. Enjoy it from the comfort and safety of your home, they added.

In their Instagram post , TaFMA said , “Do enjoy their extraordinary talents, meet and interact with them online and celebrate the joy of music. Thank you. Stay strong. Stay safe. We care.”


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