Assam : Journalist body demands measures to ensure safety of women

Image : Representational

Guwahati(Assam), Feb 16: Journalists’ Forum Assam (JFA) expressed serious concern over an incident of eve-teasing to a senior lady journalist at a place adjacent to Guwahati Press Club in Ambari locality here and demanded necessary action plan to ensure safety and security of every woman in the society.

Mentionable is that the senior lady scribe faced the humiliation on the evening Feb 10 as she was returning from a function at Ravindra Bhawan. A group of people inside a parked vehicle in the locality passed obscene comments targeting her which she responded in a courageous manner.

As she tried to reach them and take a photograph of the number plate of the vehicle, they fled from the scene. However one of their friends was not inside the vehicle and was seen running to catch the vehicle.

The lady scribe asked him about the people inside the vehicle and he answered accordingly.
“We are really shocked that those people inside the vehicle dared to verbally humiliate a lady journalist. It shows their audacity to target women anywhere anytime as they perhaps start believing that nobody can punish them.

The concerned authority should adopt necessary measures to ensure safety and security of each woman in public places,” said a JFA statement.


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