Meghalaya : Police verification must for non-tribal businessmen in Shahlang

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Shillong(Meghalaya), Oct 12: The Hima Nongstoiñ has been entrusted with the task of ensuring that non – tribal businessmen conducting business in Shahlang provide police verification from their respective states.

This development has come about after a meeting between the Executive Member in-charge, Market in the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC), Jambor War and a delegation of the Hima Nongstoiñ in the wake of a complaint filed by pressure groups of West Khasi Hills district on the presence non-tribal businesses and labourers in Shahlang.

Speaking to media persons after the meeting the EM in-charge Market informed that the members of Hima Nongstoiñ informed that these non-tribal business establishments and the labourers have been there in Shahlang area for years now.

War also informed that during the meeting there was discussion on the Administration of Nongstoiñ Syiemship Rule, 2006.

It may be noted here that Section 8 clause (a) of the Rule states that ‘A Dkhar shall have no right to settle or cultivate in any part or village within the Syiemship’ while clause (b) states that ‘A Dkhar shall have no right to become the member of the Executive Dorbar or Village Dorbar within any village of the Syiemship’.

“If they are from Assam they should submit their NRC so as to make sure that these are residents of that state,” the EM in-charge Market said.

With regards to the issue of labourers from outside the state working in Shahlang area, the Hima Nongstoiñ has been entrusted with the task of informing them that they should procure labour licences from the District Council.
“The Hima has also been entrusted with informing all non-tribal businesses including roadside vendors in Shahlang to apply for trading licence,” War added.

The KHADC has also urged the Shahlang Market Committee to comply with the Market Regulation Act of the KHADC.
As per the Regulations and Control of Market Act all markets proposed to be set up under the jurisdiction of the KHADC should get permission from its office.

During the meeting with the EM in-charge Market, the members of Hima Nongstoiñ informed that Shahlang Market has been set up without permission from competent authorities.

War informed that in the meeting held on Friday, it was decided that the Shahlang Market Committee should get NOCs from the village authority and the Hima Nongstoiñ.

“Then they should come to the District Council and as per procedure get permission for setting up the market,” War said.

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