Meghalaya : BSF unable to act against boulder smugglers along Meghalaya – Bangla border

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Shillong(Meghalaya), Sep 28 : An official has admitted that the Border Security Force (BSF) is unable to take action against boulder smugglers from Bangladesh as these activities are happening inside Bangladesh territory.

The BSF official said that such activities are happening wherein Bangladeshi nationals come right up to the border with India and extract boulders in the middle of the night.

Speaking at the sidelines of the concluding day of the Inspectors General-Region Commanders Coordination Conference between Border Security Force (BSF) and the Border Guards of Bangladesh (BGB) at Shillong, the official said that the extraction of boulders has caused alteration of the river at points where its depth has significantly increased.

The boulders are usually ferried away into Bangladesh, where, it is reported, they are crushed into pebbles and utilised either for construction or in cement factories.

This issue was taken up by the BSF which informed the BGB officials of illegal extraction of boulders and sand by Bangladeshi nationals from the Umngot in Dawki, West Jaiñtia Hills district.

Meanwhile, Md Zakir Hossain Additional Director General, Region Commander of the BGB informed that the BSF had in fact raised the issue.

Hossain said that there was an agreement during the meeting to prevent the extraction of boulders.
“The BGB will never allow illegal extraction of boulders,” the BGB official said.

Hossain also informed that the meeting also focused on cross border crimes like drug trafficking especially YABA smuggled from India into Bangladesh.

The issue of illegal crossing of nationals of both the countries into each other’s territories was also discussed.
Also the BSF raised the issue of the presence of militant camps from the northeast in Bangladesh territory which was however denied by the latter.

“There is no presence or movement of any militants in Bangladesh,” Hossain said.

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