Opinion I Hindi Hai Hum.. But Hindi as a One Nation One Language? Not the India of my Dreams!

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By Nijora Saikia Marak

I feel that the reason behind India being a Secular Democratic Country is because people who fought for the country’s freedom belonged to different regions, religions, culture, and not the least, different languages; not just Hindi. And we continued to live in awe amongst the “unity in diversity”

I respect and love the Hindi language; even when i was in school i loved reading the text in our Hindi class, just did not like the writing part. I still feel proud when i m able to communicate with people across the region in Hindi; that goes without saying for other languages too.

However i do not agree when anyone comes to me saying Hindi is the official language of our country. I agree it is one of the official languages, but not a national language. There is a difference between official and national.
You say OneNationOneLanguage? Are you on your way to changing the whole constitution and democracy of our country that we as a nation should be proud of? Where is the secularism anymore then? Where is UnityinDiversity; have we forgotten the Preamble we grew up learning in school? Or should i say school is just a history when it comes to our nation building!

There was a reason why the Free India was decided to be a Secular country. Our country is known to be the most populous democracy in the world.

Come to think of it, our Country doesn’t even have One Name; it has always been India, Bharat, Hindustan. Ever wondered why? because we are OneInDiversity. India is a land of diverse cultures, and UnityInDiversity always will be, unless our aim is otherwise!


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