Assam : Swimmer Elvis Ali Hazarika becomes 1st North Eastner to cross Catalina Channel

Elvis Ali Hazarika

Guwahati ( Assam) , Aug , 16 : Elvis Ali Hazarika has become the first swimmer from Assam and Northeast to cross the Catalina Channel despite a lot of odds .

” I have been waiting for this day since a long time. After a lot of efforts and hours of pushing myself to work harder, every day, I successfully have become the first Assamese ( North East) to cross the Catalina Channel by swimming it”, said Elvis after crossing the channel .

The entire team from India had to go through a lot of challenges,especially the dolphins, whales and sunfish that were in plenty during the course of the challenge .

The Indian Relay Team was the first Indian team to clock a time of 10hrs 59mins to cross the channel.

”A dream come true, and proud moment for India and it is my gift for all on the occasion of Independence Day”, Elvis said in a Fb post .


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