Meghalaya : Keep Shillong city clean or mean ?

By Baishali Dutta

When we talk about Meghalaya, the first thing that comes to our mind is hills. But what about its enchanting melody that seems to be almost vanishing.

The unplanned naiveness, of urbanization just adds on to this situation. Once loved by Rabindranath Tagore, Shillong’s beauty is now filled with sewage deposits and plastic wrap. For now, that westernization seems to reach its peak making us the “Scotland of East” but maybe the focus drifted away long back from the beauty of our lovely hills.

The old built architecture and greenery shall soon vanish in no time to satisfy human thirst. The question here lies on who should be held accountable for this? The people who would not allow invaders to create intrusion but would not preserve the beauty from its inbuilt intruders. Or the government, who miss out on glorifying the beautiful city.

This question has been unanswered and deserves to reach a conclusion as to if this phase would ever end or go on till the infinity of time. The various schemes of government towards keeping the nation clean and green are implemented to make things easier for us but it is only possible to trigger the problems by putting the scheme into practice instead of blaming one another.

Umiam dam spread over 15 Kms and does mere power generation. Rapid urban growth has drastically changed the dam into a sink of Shillong’s waste deposits and all the open sources of water i.e., streams and falls are fed upon by them. Such polluted deposits create a disbalance in the Ecosystem & creates a chaotic disturbance in levels of atmosphere. This is harmful for all living beings, and needs to be triggered at the earliest.

As this is a major place for tourist attraction, every year a huge bunch of people visit Shillong making their vacations delightful, but on the other hand these tourists pollute our natural resources and create hazardous situation for all age groups.

They visit various tourist spots and liter garbage in and around. This in turn pollutes our environment and causes various types of diseases, the natural beauty is getting exploited day by day and in turn reach a point of saturation wherein, things are just getting even worst.

So, here the pinch of the story is to get the situation together the “Swachh bharat abhiyan” by government, has very little to do until we do not take up our stand and prove our sense of concern to preserve the beautiful Scotland of East.


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