Meghalaya : HYC warns tourists visiting Mawthadraishan not to throw plastic bags

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Shillong(Meghalaya), Aug 13: Meghalaya has an array of tourist destinations, many of which are visited by people from all over the country and also abroad. While some like Mawlynnong village have earned international acclaim for cleanliness, others are being defaced and are losing their allure under a barrage of pollution.

It is sad to see that while cleanliness is maintained in places like Mawlynnong where the residents themselves are enforcing clean habits, many tourist spots in the state are being left to the mercy of the people visiting them, many of whom do not have any regard for the pristine condition of these beautiful places.

In this context, the Hynñiewtrep Youth Council (HYC) is seeking to preserve the beauty of tourist spots in West Khasi Hills District by enforcing strict anti – littering conditions.

While pointing out that there are a number of beautiful tourist spots in the district, the HYC Mawthadraishan Circle has issued a stern warning to those visiting these tourist spots, asking them not to deface these places.

“We invite you to visit these places but also warn you not to throw plastic bags, water bottles, liquor bottles and other litter which will have an adverse impact on the beauty of these places and also the roadside leading to these places,” HYC Mawthadraishan Socio & Cultural Secretary, Phondar Sohshang said on Monday.

Enumerating these places of tourist interest, Sohshang said that Mawphanlur, Kynshi River, the Mawthadraishan hill, Markham, Mawhiang and others are not only beautiful but are also associated with traditional lore.

“Mawphanlur is a source of water for around 30 villages, Kynshi river is a source of water and food for villagers who are dependent on fishing activities, Mawthadraishan Hill is visited by people who want to get a glimpse of the Himalayan peaks and the efforts of the residents of Lawdisai village has ensured its cleanliness till date,” Sohshang said.

Speaking about the new tourist spots in the district, Sohshang said that such places include Murok Hill in Markham, Mawhiang which is a unique stone structure which, through proper promotion will help raise the economic conditions of the people of the area.

As such, the HYC Mawthadriashan has urged the local people to ensure that they also do their part in ensuring that these tourist spots and the district as a whole are kept clean and litter – free.
Sohshang also acknowledged the inherent clean habits followed by the people of the area while lamenting that ever since these tourist spots have grown in popularity, so too has the rate of littering and pollution that that they are being subjected to.

Expressing its concern over the manner in which tourists are littering these spots, the HYC has once again reiterated its warning to one and all to desist from spoiling the beauty which nature has bestowed on the area.

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