Meghalaya : Education Minister , Lahkmen attends ‘Happiness Class’ session in Delhi

New Delhi, July 19 : With a view to understand the Happiness Classes and study the Delhi education model, Meghalaya Education Minister Lahkmen Rymbui visited the Delhi government’s Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya, Rouse Avenue along with the Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia.

Rymbui experienced a Happiness class session at the school and took a tour of the school with Sisodia.
The classroom experience was followed by an interaction with students and teachers in the school auditorium.
Speaking about the development, Sisodia said, ‘We are celebrating the first year of the launch of the Happiness Curriculum through a 15 day festival called Happiness Utsav. Our teachers and students were glad they could interact with the Minister and exchange ideas about the models of education in the two states. We have to grow together as a nation. Our financial systems, our education systems are integrated and have to advance together.’
Rymbui said, “This (Delhi government) school has one of the best infrastructures I have seen. The teachers are very good. The Delhi government’s Happiness class is very important for the youth of today. I have come here today to see how we could replicate this in Meghalaya. I have formed a Task force to revise the state curriculum framework. I have come to see whether this could be replicated there or if it could be modified based on our own culture and identities. I came with an open mind to learn, and I will share what I have learnt with my officers. I will also send my officers here to understand the curriculum.”

Rymbui attended a mindfulness class under the Happiness Curriculum and was impressed by the quality and training of the teachers conducting Happiness classes in Delhi government schools.

Commenting on his experience in the Delhi government school, Rymbui said, “Every government has their own issues due to fund constraints and everything cannot be done together. (But) I am very happy after seeing what I did today. From my interactions with teachers and children today, I feel this need to be replicated in other parts of the country. Children should learn how to face the issues of today. The Happiness class I visited shows the quality of the teachers we have. It is very easy to say we have launched a Happiness Class, but it is important that the ‘Happiness’ is being imbibed by the students.”

Sisodia expressed his gratitude to the Government of Meghalaya and the Education Minister for visiting a Delhi government school on behalf of the teachers and students.
Source : UNI


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