Assam woman beheads husband, takes head to police station

Accused Guneswari Barkataky speaking to reporters. Image credit : ANI.

Guwahati (Assam) , May 31 : A middle aged lady from Lakhimpur district fed up with years of torture by her husband took the extreme step taking of killing her husband and rushed to the local police station with head in a plastic bag .

The incident took place on Tuesday last when the woman arrived at the Dhalpur police outpost carrying her killed husband’s head in a plastic bag.

Guneswari Barkataky, 48, confessed of killing her husband Mudhiram, 55.

“He had been beating me for many years. On several occasions, he even injured me with an axe. I had thought of leaving him long ago, but didn’t because of our children. In the end, it became unbearable and I had to do it, else he would have killed me,” Guneswari told journalists.

Guneswari who is the mother of two sons and three daughters attacked her husband with a machete and walked for five kilometres to the nearest police station carrying his severed head in a plastic bag.

She came to the police station with her husband’s head and surrendered.

On being questioned, she admitted to killing her drunk husband in anger to escape his abuse.
Meanwhile , police are conducting further investigations.

A local court has sent Guneswari to judicial custody.

(With ANI inputs)


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