Meghalaya : Student body demands immediate removal of NEIGRIHMS Director

Members of the KSU outside NEIGRIHMS demanding the removal of the Director. Image : Highland Post

Shillong(Meghalaya), May 15: The Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) has demanded the immediate removal of NEIGRIHMS Director Dr D.M. Thappa stating that the premiere institute is not a place to accommodate “murderers.”

A group of KSU members led by its President Lambokstarwell Marngar marched towards the institute on Monday with condemnation notes on placards and locked the room of the Director holding him responsible for the crisis that led to the death of a patient.

However, the district magistrate and police break the lock and open the office chamber of the director.
“We have closed down the office chamber of the director with a demand that the government should immediately remove him from the institute for playing with the lives of the patients,” Marngar said.

Over the past few weeks NEIGRIHMS has been in the news due to a standoff between doctors of the cardiology department and the administration led to the shutting down of operations in the cardiology department.

While holding the Director responsible for the death of a 55-year old cardiac patient, the KSU said his attitude is clear that he is not there to improve the functioning of the premier institute.

“We want to send a clear message that NEIGRIHMS is not a place to accommodate murderers, it is a place for people who want to save lives,” Marngar said. He said the director should also take full responsibility on the death of a woman due to non-availability of equipments to treat her.

The KSU chief further slammed the state government for its failure to intervene into the internal problems faced by the institute and to ensure that the patients do not suffer.

“There is complete lack of seriousness from part of the state government on the issue. We wonder how many more lives the state government wants to lose till it decides not to take things likely,” he said.

According to him, the union earlier had also requested the state government to take action as there has been frequent resignation of doctors ever since this director was appointed.

The Meghalaya Peoples’ Human Rights Council (MPHRC) too has slammed the state government for its failure to ensure that the institute delivers the right to health of every person.

“Their claim of non-availability of surgical equipment’s has constitute a threat to the availability, accessibility and acceptability of quality health care system and such failure is in breach of India’s international human rights obligations and domestic standards” MPHRC Chairman Dino D.G. Dympep in a statement said.

Dympep further demanded that the government should properly investigate and to improve the health of individuals and the population which underlines the importance of justifiability of human rights and the modern public health approaches for the realization of the right to health both in policies and practices.

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