The different side of the boxing legend Mary Kom

By Deepika Bhan

New Delhi , Dec 01 : I just couldn’t resist the temptation. I had to seize the opportunity because there are moments in time that are too precious to let go.

So, when my sports correspondent told me that she was going to interview the world champ, the boxing legend Mary Kom, I just couldn’t stop myself from requesting her to take me along. It didn’t matter to be led by a junior because meeting the legend is an experience to be imbibed and cherished.

The name Mary Kom creates a persona which is beyond ones imagination. In an ordinary family, a mother of three children will be too engrossed with her little ones to have anytime for her own self. But here is a woman who is shining bright and beautiful, who can easily vanquish her opponent with a grace and style and who at the same time is eager to put across her point as a Parliamentarian.

That is Mary Kom, a woman who has proved that words like difficult and impossible exist only in the dictionary. For her, crossing the limit is the beginning for achieving a new high and that she proved when she won the World Boxing title match on November 24th this year in New Delhi.
The match in which she completely demolished her Ukrainian counterpart Hanna Okhota with a score of 5-0, Mary Kom emerged as the strongest woman boxer ever in the world. This victory is all the more significant because she defied theories which cannot fathom the fact that a mother of three children at the age of 35 can destroy far younger opponent with such an ease.

Sitting in the clean green lawn of her home in Delhi, Mary Kom had a stream of reporters from Media, each waiting patiently for their turn. I too stood on a side and watched her like a deep struck fan.

She was talking to each and every media person obliging coolly with the requests that the reporters and the camera persons were asking her to do. Someone wanted her to pose with medal, other wanted her to show a punch, and some wanted her to do her favorite exercise. She did all with great elan and smile. And in between she was also squeezing time to greet her friends and relatives.

The fact that I was not going to interview her made me to stand in the corner as her managerial staff was handling the heavy media rush. As she was posing with those elegant punches, her hands appeared to be soft and fully manicured but strong enough to knock out any opponent.
Perhaps she just noticed me standing and I immediately waved at her which she acknowledged with a smile. That was a true fan moment, I felt. But, yes I was in for a surprise when she let us click some pictures with her. I was quickly by her side. I extended my hand for a handshake which she did. I could feel that hand which has vanquished so many and I could also let myself feel the power of the grip that has put Mary Kom on the top in the Boxing world.
She is not tall but her achievements are very high. Her smile easily covers up those moments of pain and anguish which she has encountered as a fighter and as a family person too. The world knows her story of grit and grind, especially after her struggles were very well portrayed in the Bollywood blockbuster named on her.

Mary Kom has achieved the best but that is not the end. She says she is going for the ultimate gold in 2020 Olympics. That dream is driving her to do more hard work. The whole nation stands by her and wishes her the best. Standing in the lawns of her house, Mary Kom presents an example that is helping thousands of girls to dream and believe in realization of their dream. Her positiveness  is energizing and her humility is worth emulating.

I am very happy to have got my moment of meeting the living legend that is Magnificent Mary.

(The author is a senior journalist with two decades of journalism experience .She hails from Kashmir .Her specialty interest areas include Jammu and Kashmir and Indo- Pak relations .She has worked in print and TV as well)


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