Manipur : Mysterious lethal attackers target domesticated animals and devour their intestines

By M.Devanand Sharma

Imphal(Manipur) , Nov 29 : The predator animal killer that struck the district of Churachandpur in the month of October has reportedly resurfaced with reports of animals found dead in strange ways and under weird circumstances in Kakching and Kangpokpi districts.

Kakching got into the gradually lengthening list of localities in the state struck by the mysterious lethal attackers who supposedly target domesticated animals and devour their intestines.

The latest such incident was reported from Kakching Turel Wangma Tongnang Leikai on Wednesday morning where the carcasses of two young goats were discovered with their ribs and parts of the stomach including the internal organs completely missing.

According to source the goats were raised by a resident of the leikai Samjetsabam . The animals were found in the middle of a paddy field with their torso hollow as if the area has been scooped out.

A team of Kakching Police officials led by office-in-charge Digbijay came to the spot for verification and examination. In a somewhat related case, poultry birds raised by Ksh Chandrajini of Kakching Makha were found dead in a field close to her house sparking fear that they were preyed by the mysterious killer.

In Kangpokpi, a three-month pregnant cow was found with dead under mysterious circumstances inside its shed this morning at Charhajare by its owner.Both horns of the bovine were found plucked off and dropped on the ground. The surrounding of its bladder turned black and blue and it appeared as if the cow had vomited a black colour liquid from its mouth. Blood stains was also found near the carcass of the cow.

The owner of the cow, Indralal Panth, said that the cow was three month pregnant and having another calf while adding that both mother and her calf were inside the shed which was rigidly constructed with wooden planks.

Interestingly, the calf that was staying together with the cow was unhurt and safe.

A veterinary staff residing near the residence of Indralal Panth is said to have alerted higher authorities requesting for investigation into the mysterious death of the animal.

Forest minister Thounaojam Shyamkumar has appealed to the people of the state not to panic over the mysterious killings of livestock by unknown predators even as veterinary and animal husbandry services director Dr H Chaoba assured assistance to farmers, whose livestock have fallen prey to the predators.

Experts have already taken footprints of the predators and are being studied. Preliminary report suggests the predator may be of canine species, though the final report will be tabled soon. As a preventive measure, the forest department has formed a team to catch the predators, he disclosed.

Considering the series of incidents and as per post mortem report, the department is certain that the predators might be wild carnivorous animals in the group of canine and they might have come in pack. Wildlife experts are suggesting that the predators might be mongoose , he said.

Informing that these animals can detect smell from long distance and they can easily travel up to 10 to 20 km in a night, the director appealed to all to keep their  sheds well lit while stating that such well-lit condition might discourage these animals from entering the area.


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