Meghalaya : Wangala Dance Festival of the Garos (In Pictures)

Tura (Meghalaya) , Nov 11 : Wangala or the gather Festival keeps running for two days. The celebration is committed to the sun divine force of ripeness. Wangala is the best conventional celebration of Garo clans, who live in Meghalaya.
The clans praise this celebration at each collecting period in late pre-winter. The celebration falls amid the second seven day stretch of November every year. Garo individuals are wards of agro-economy and don’t utilize any rural items previously expressing gratitude toward God of ripeness, Misi-Saaljong.
Individuals commend this celebration with moving, drinking chu, singing for three days and evenings. The Wangala celebration is an excellent Carnival to commend the collect season on the grounds that after years the general population discover help in observing the brilliant gather.
Along these lines petition is offered to the God for giving harvests and sing and move to offer love to the immense divinity.
Here Some moments of the colouful Wangala Dance (In pictures ) which concluded on Saturday :


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