Meghalaya: Auction of coveted car registration numbers

Shillong ( Meghalaya), Nov 6 : The government here has decided to auction coveted unique registration numbers for the vehicles the starting price of which ranges from Rs 8000 to Rs 30,000, reported new agency PTI.

The scheme, according to the report , is part of efforts to bring transparency in allotment of choice numbers and also to mobilise additional revenue for the transport department.

The rates fixed for the minimum bid price of VIP registration numbers between 1 and 9 has been fixed at Rs 30,000, those between 10 and 20 to begin at Rs 25,000, the report said .

Likewise , the minimum price for double digit repeat numbers such as 22, 33, etc have been fixed at Rs 20,000 while triple digit repeat numbers such as 222, 333 at Rs 15,000, added the report .

There is a high demand for these numbers as only the influential people used to get them under the old system.

With the new scheme in place, everyone is open to bid for their fancy numbers and everyone will get a fair opportunity and it will bring in more transparency,” a senior official of the transport department told PTI.

Similar system is in operation in Andhra Pradesh, Haryana and Chandigarh.

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