Mix Up : Rahul Gandhi mixes up Manipur and Mizoram; BJP says his ‘ignorance’ is problematic

New Delhi , Oct 29 : In the constant criticism between BJP and Congress, even the smallest even a small mistake makes an issue . And yes this time the mistake has been made by the Congress President, Rahul Gandhi when he made a mistake in getting the name of a state wrong . And the other party did not let it go easily . That’s what precisely happened with Rahul Gandhi when he mistook Mizoram for Manipur.

Rahul Gandhi recently shared an article on facebook on Sainik Schools in Mizoram that allowed o girl students to jon almost fifty years after it started . Rahul who wanted to say that there was no difference between a boy chld and a girl child by mistake mentioned “Sainik School in Manipur” in his post.

“Given the chance, there is nothing a girl cannot do. These girls at the Sainik School in Manipur are proof of this. My best wishes to these brave, inspiring children. You are the future of India. You make us all proud,” he said on his Facebook page.

BJP did not let the issue die it natural death . Its IT cell head, Amit Malviya, took the chance to get on him . He wrote , “Rahul Gandhi shares an article on Mizoram and writes Manipur. It is this ignorance about the Northeast that is so problematic!” .
Of course , the post was immediately removed and replaced by the correct version but not before the damage was done.

BJP s IT cell Head wrote : Rahul Gandhi is no stranger to gaffes and ridicules. He is frequently mocked for getting his facts wrong and for plain slip of tongue. On the other hand, the Prime Minister is also known for getting facts and history wrong frequently. –



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