NSCN-K Faction Not To Compromise For Nagaland

Kohima(Nagaland ), Oct 21 : The NSCN (K) group led by Yung Aung, based in Myanmar, has vowed to uphold the spirit of the principle of Naga sovereignty and carry forward the freedom torch passed by its predecessors and fight to redeem every inch of ‘Nagaland’ as in the ancient time, reported news agency UNI.

In a statement of appeal to the Nagas, Ministry of Information and Publicity (MIP) in-charge major Joseph Lamkang stated that in order to remove the word ‘Sovereignty’ from the Naga dictionary, critical attempts has been made by the Government of India and their agents to disintegrate and destroy the National Socialist Council of Nagaland/Government of Peoples Republic of Nagaland (NSCN/GPRN) and sabotage the ongoing struggle by creating splintered groups through skillfully designed ‘divide and destroy’ policy.

It alleged that “these masterminds are now back to their planning rooms for the next assault, this time to further divide the Nagas based on the artificial boundary line.”
Citing instances, the report stated that simple phrases like East Nagas, West Nagas, Indian Nagas and Myanmar Nagas are now intentionally misrepresented by the adversaries to sow seeds of hatred and division among the inseparable Naga brothers and also the complicate the hard fought struggle.

However, the Yung Aung led National Socialist Council of Nagaland (K) group said the Nagas of today, both young and old are aware and vocal of their rights and history and they know better themselves, the statement said.

Stating that the rapid growth of technology and free media allows them to express their views and discuss the issue more openly, it claimed Nagas know who the real puppets of the enemies are.

The Yung Aung led National Socialist Council of Nagaland (K) group, therefore said it will waste no time for unnecessary rejoinders over defamatory remarks and wrong assumptions made against the party by “few corrupt and self-infested ex-national workers who failed miserably in their national duties.”

It also stated that the NSCN/GPRN and the Naga Army will continue to support, defend and fight alongside other oppressed and colonised people till their long cherished goal is achieved.



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