Manipur : Rebel Groups call for a total Shut down On Monday protesting merger of Manipur with India

By M.Devanand Sharma

Imphal(Manipur), Oct 14 : Various rebel groups operating in the region including the Alliance for Socialist Unity Kangleipak (ASUK), CorCom, KCP war group among others has called a total shut down all over Manipur from 6 am to 6 pm on Monday in protest against the merger of Manipur with Indian Union.

Alliance for Socialist Unity Kangleipak (ASUK ), a conglomerate of proscribed group KYKL and KCP will observe the day as ‘National black day’.

In a statement , ASUK said that October 15, 1949 was the day Kangleipak lost its independence.

“It was on this day that the newly formed country called India allegedly annexed Manipur in the name of a merger agreement”, said a press release issued by ASUK publicity committee convenor S Mangal.

The statement further added that the Government of India does not want the people of Manipur to know that Manipur was forcibly merged into the Indian Union.

That is why, the landmark event of October 15, 1949 is not included in any history text books taught to students.
On the contrary, they have been claiming that India is a very ancient country and Manipur has been a part of India since early ages, ASUK said and remarked that this is a case of abusing history.

The history of India has been beguiling the people of Manipur with an ulterior motive to suppress Manipur for good, it alleged.

Overlooking or forgetting the event of October 15, 1949 will erase the fact that Manipur was merged into the Indian through deceitful and coercive means from the collective memory.

The facts stand that Manipur existed as an independent country for thousands of years, it had its own civilization and it was forcibly merged to the Indian Union  , alleged the outfit further.

“If we don’t remember that Manipur was an independent country before 1949, then it is just like we were never a free people”, it said.

To pave the way to a glorious future, the people of Manipur must remember the glorious past as well as the event of October 15, 1949, it asserted.

Emergency services will be exempted from the purview of the total shut down, it added.

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