Adivashis in Assam must be given ST status, says social activist Dayamoni Barla

Kokrajhar,(Assam) ,Oct 7: ‘Due to insincerity from the state government , the Adivashi community here have been  deprived from getting  Scheduled Tribe (ST) status. Adivashis are the indigenous peoples of the country, so ST status must be granted to them ’, said eminent social activist from Jharkhand Dayamoni Barla.

Barla who was addressing the open session of the annual conference of the All Adivashi Womens’ Association of Assam (AAWAA) on Saturday, alleged that BJP led government at the  Centre and Dispur have been tactically depriving the rights and issues of the Adivashis in the country. She said that the Adivashis in the state of Assam are living under severe hardships and the community has been deprived from developmental aspects from all fronts, which includes education, economic and social uplift. She accused that BJP led government of announcing only schemes or projects , but no human welfare schemes were implemented across the country.

She demanded equal rights, justice and social uplift among all sections of communities to make an equal and balanced integrated society in the state. She has urged the government to make grant ST status to the Adivashis of Assam to pave the way for healthy development and welfare in the region.

President of the AAWAA Nelani Thiru said that the conference have discussed various issues with regard to developmental aspects ,which included social uplift,educational integrity, daily wage hike for tea estate workers, and using of child labours. She said that women of the community should bring educational development than the community could be brought at par with others.

She added that Adivashis are still deprived from developmental aspects across the state due to insincerity from the state government. She stressed to bring the Adivashi women into limelight of education, social uplift as well development in the state and emphasized to make healthy uplift of Adivashi women’s in the field of education, economic and social development in the state .

She said that the delegates at the session discussed thoroughly on the issues and demands of hike of daily wage earners who are the lifeline of the Adivashi community.

Meanwhile.the second annual conference of the All Adivashi Womens’ Association of Assam (AAWAA) concluded held at Magurmari High School ground in Kokrajhar with a two-day programme .

Over 500 delegates from 12 districts of the state participated in the conference that discussed on women issues of the Adivashi community which saw huge participation from different organizations of the community.


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