Manipur : Banned PLA observes its 40th Raising Day

By M.Devanand Sharma

Imphal (Manipur) ,Sept 25 : Banned Mainpur based , People’s Liberation Army (PLA) today observed its 40th Raising day at its general head quarter , somewhere in the thick jungles of Indo – Myanmar border .

The 40 th Raising day of the PLA was also observed at the office its external Affairs with Assistant Publicity Secretary of ULFA (I) Arunodoy Asom attending the ceremony as the Chief Guest.

A statement of the outfit issued to South Asia Views said that Red Star flags of the PLA were hoisted to mark the 40 th Foundation Day at various locations under its Central Bureau. Tributes were also paid to the revolutionaries of the group who had laid down their lives fighting for a cause.

PLA President, Irengbam Chaoren while delivering his speech said that Manipur today is besieged by myriad socio-political and economic issues and we will never be able address these issues effectively as long as we live under the Indian colonial rule.

He added that the collective wish of the people was to extricate Manipur out of the prevailing sorry state of affairs .
‘India’s repressive policies have devastated the society, and the puppet rulers who have been incapacitated to exercise any of their faculties for the welfare of the land will never be able to resolve the myriad issues and problems conclusively’, Chaoren said.

He added that all kinds of social issues have been multiplying today while communal harmony and sense of inter-community brotherhood have been poisoned but the puppet rulers who are simply watching helplessly because all these negative developments are directly or indirectly linked to Indian colonial policies.

Chaoren said that this link can be traced to New Delhi’s policies of suppression, division and weakening smaller communities by way of pitching one group of people against another with the ulterior motive of annihilating all the smaller communities. This link was visible in all the relationships shared between colonial rulers and colonized peoples across the world and this link is still operating quite actively in Manipur and WESEA.

The President urged the people of Manipur to stop directing all their wrath and grievances against the helpless and puppet State rulers and re-direct their energy and take on Indian colonial rulers as they are the real culprits.

He reminded the people to continue to seek solutions to the myriad issues and problems through the puppet rulers, the issues and problems will only get more complicated and the social unrest will escalate as the puppet rulers have accustomed to using all their energies and wisdom only for electoral battle and have been baptized in the Indian brand of politics.

He said that It’s time for all to revert to our traditional ethics ‘action speaks louder than words’ rather than only shouting without doing anything, a parasitic character which we imbibe from our association with Mayangs so that we can challenge the Indian colonial rule directly and their diabolic policies which are the root causes of all our problems and hardships.

He ended his speech by stating that this can save from blaming and tearing into each other, a social evil born out of the forced annexation of Manipur by India, and from ultimately sinking together.


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