Meghalaya : A Walk Through Shillong Raj Bhavan


By Ruchira Gupta

Shillong (Meghalaya), Aug 28 : The ‘Governor house’ or the Raj Bhavan is the official residence of the governor of a state. The Meghalaya Raj Bhavan is located in the state capital Shillong.

The entire Governor House has certain raffish charm with a vast area maintained perfectly and the Assam type structure remind you the period when the Britishers were here.

Historical, Cherrapunjee (Sohra) used to be the headquarters of British during that time Bangladesh was a part of India. A massive earthquake in June 1897, struck in the regions of Meghalaya causing immense destruction within a short span of time.

The British then made a choice to move to Shillong as some official buildings of theirs had collapsed. The post of chief commissioner of Assam was created with Shillong as it’s headquarters.

This whole 15 acres of land in Shillong belonged to Chief Commissioner of Assam. The post of chief commissioner is no longer prevalent because Meghalaya and Assam were a combined state and Shillong was it’s capital.
In 1972, after the two combined state got segregated the whole thing belongs to Shillong.

When the Governor House was renamed as Raj Bhavan on December 6, 1951. The Raj Bhavan building completed it’s 114 years in October 2017 and is one of the Heritage buildings in the state.

While speaking to South Asia Views , K. N. Kumar , Additional Chief Secretary to the Governor, shared the significance of the Governor’s house. “The Raj Bhavan houses the Governors” says the ADC. The governors are appointed by the president and they are the head of the states. State being a constitutional structure is different from that of government. Constitution has created certain positions liked the president, the vice president, the governors etc. who represent the Indian states
. “State reflects the majesty of the government” says the  ADC of the Meghalaya governor.

He adds to his statement, “it is a grandeur of the state”. The Governor House of Meghalaya occupies 15 acres of land and it reflects the majesty of the state.

The Governor’s House has to have that Majesty for ensuring the obedience and respect for public attention. The Governor is the highest power the State of Meghalaya has. Not just the ambience is that that enthralls citizens towards the governor’s house but also the magnificent events that take place throughout the year.

The Raj Bhavan conducts numerous programmes for the youth of the state like quiz competition and many other competitions for young students. Being the part and parcel of India, the youth has to feel connected with the state and so the Governor ensures to involve them throughout the year with various programmes.

One of the major events that take place particularly on Independence Day and on Republic Day is termed as ‘At Home’. Over thousands of people come together to attend the function at Raj Bhavan.

All types of people attend this program starting from army men, missionaries, orphanages, students from various schools and colleges and also special delegates. On this occasion, various programs are performed by citizens and it is an awestruck time to watch this many people assembled together watching the function.

‘At Home’ is not a just a title of a program but an aura of hospitality. Hence, the governor’s house has to be given a special attention. Around 150 members are recruited in the Governor’s House starting from the highest to the lowest. It is difficult to even spot a dead flower due to the efficient maintenance of the surroundings.

The effort which the workers put in maintaining the Raj Bhavan is evident in the picturesque scenery.

Thus, in Raj Bhavan speaking every other worker, say that it is the best feeling to be a part of it and they are obliged to offer a helping hand.

The Raj Bhavan is therefore, a palatial existence in the wooden ambience of this hill station. It’s ambience can enthrall people who ever walked in to the Raj Bhavan.


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