Framework Agreement and Article 371 -A will not be accepted by the people of Manipur : Mothers Union

By M.Devanand Sharma

Imphal (Manipur) , Aug 10 : “We will keep on protesting until the government assures that the integrity of the state will not be disturbed at any cost”, Mothers Union of Manipur told media person today while staging a protest demonstration at Ima Market here.

Today, eight different civil society organizations of the State jointly shut down shops, business establishments and market places of Imphal City as well as the adjoining areas of three Assembly Constituencies, namely Uripok, Sagolband and Thangmeiband, till noon in support with the ongoing protests against the Framework Agreement and Article 371 A.

“We will even sacrifice our lives if anyone tries to distort our land” the mothers shouted in chorus warning the present government which is trying to solve the demands of NSCN-IM. Women vendors of Ima Market today demonstrated the protest in the wake of the threats against the territorial integrity of the state.

RK Sanahalbi, president of KIL, appealed to the people of the State to cooperate and support the CSOs in their movement in connection with a number of issues cropping up in the State like the Framework Agreement signed between the Central Government and the NSCN (IM).

She continued that Manipur has its own 2000 years old history with 37 different indigenous communities residing in peace and communal harmony before it merged with India.

She said that after the merger, a lot of unwanted issues were created in the State by the different communities due to the divide and rule policy of the Central Government. She warned that Article 371A will not be accepted by the people of the State. ‘If the Government tries to extend it to the State , then a mass public uproar will erupt, which will be more explosive than that of the June 18, 2001 incident’, she added.

The vendors questioned if BJP leadership and the workers will be safe in the State if the Central Government harms the interests of the State in any way.

They appealed to the BJP leadership the State to take a clear stand regarding the issue at the earliest as politics is not more important than saving the future of Manipur.


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