Editorial : Hyping NRC’s Linguistic Aspect while ignoring Noakhali Riots!

By Vinay Joshi
One must not forget Noakhali Riots, noted in black letters in history for Rape, Massacre and forced Conversions of Hindus by Muslims just before independence. But Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee forgot it just to meet political ends.

What a shameless act! What a painful backstabbing of Hindus! What a disastrous political correctness! Shame on you Bengal CM!

We never heard that Bengal CM offered her service to clear off impasse on Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016, which could effectively deliver justice to persecuted Hindus, Christians and Buddhists of Bangladesh which are victims of ethnic and religious cleansing.

She never opened up dialogue with Assam groups hell bent to spoil prospects of Citizenship Amendment Bill-2016; but she only jumped then bandwagon of NRC when 40 Lakh names of suspected infiltrators omitted from list. She smelled political mileage in milking the issue to stick to the power for ever.

Mamata risking another genocide of Hinuds in Bengal by openly inviting 40 lakh illegal migrants to Bengal, so that they would vote for her for lifetime! What a suicidal political correctness!

Assam is volcano of ethnic, religious and linguistic identity issues. By sending TMC delegation Mamta tried to sprinkle petrol on these volatile faultlines; so that bloody riots could be triggered; after which thousands of lives would be perished and opposition can make up case for dismissal of Sonowal government. Then Parliament could be brought to standstill terming another Godhra engineered by BJP! Whole world’s Human Rights groups could be invited to India to corner BJP.

But fortunately Assam police averted throwing the state into linguistic imbroglio by detaining delegation at Silchar airport.

Mamata Ji how much you stoop to low to score political brownies?
At least recall countless Bengalis perished in Noakhali Inferno!

We are not of the opinion to color each and every national issue in religious color; but everyone must recall it that it’s demographic aggression on Assam and entire North East and it must be treated and dealt with like war not just as social issue.

We must recall Lybia’s Colonel Gaddafi’s boastful declaration just a decade ago, in which he had boldly declared that Europe would be Islamic continent till year 2050 without firing a single bullet. Col. Gaddafi had obliquely hinted at silent demographic invasion of Europe by Muslims from Asia and Africa. They have silently altered demographic profile of entire Europe with prolific birth rate and aggressive migration.

Dear Mamta Didi, are you being able to read between the lines?


(The author is the Director Institute for Conflict Research and Resolution.Vinay can speak about 11 Indian languages. With deep interest in religious demographics, religious radicalism worldwide, India centric defense and security issues. Currently studying India’s engagement with China in South China Sea and India ocean region, Vinay comments upon those issues with most contemporary references).


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