Assam: D – voter , Sobur finds a place in NRC draft

Kokrajhar (Assam) ,Aug 1: Even though, one Sobur Ali Mondal of Chitilaghop village under Fakiragram PS in Lower Assam’s Kokrajhar district was declared a D-voter, his name has surprisingly figured in the draft NRC published on Monday last.

Nearly 90% citizen’s name has been enlisted in the NRC draft publication from  Kokrajhar district which was released along with rest of the state.
Sobur had been detected as a D-voter in 2017 at Jorhat and was lodged in Jorhat jail.But ,surprisingly his name figured in the NRC draft .

Mondol is the son of late Javed Ali Mondal of Chitilaghop village, and belongs to an economically backward family .Among all his familiy members , Sobur was only identified as a D-voter and was lodged in jail for two years.

Sofia Bewa, mother of Sobur confirmed that her son was lodged in Jorhat jail for two years . ‘Today his name has been enlisted in the NRC draft along with the other villagers and it was a clear case of conspiracy to put him behind the bars for almost two years ‘, she said .

Mondol was identified as a D- voter in 2017 as per law in Jorhat where he was working as a daily wage earner .Family members said that they had the necessary documents while filling the NRC forms.

Villagers claimed that Sobur is not D-voter but an Indian. The family has the necessary documents required to prove his identity .

Nearly 100 families are are yet to be figure in the NRC final draft publication which was published on Monday from greater Sesapani-Kamalachara in Kokrajhar in NRC draft .

Jabbar Sheik and Karimallah Sheik’s family members are yet to be enlisted in the NRC final draft list even after appearing before the hearing for verification.


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