Naga body appeals to PM Modi to Remove ‘terrorist’ tag of NSCN-K

By Pradeep Pareek

Dimapur(Nagaland ) July 11: Eastern Nagaland People’ Organisation (ENPO) has appealed to the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, to remove the tag of “terrorist” labelled on the NSCN (K), and to ‘initiate peace talks at the earliest’ with the group.

The appeal was made available to media stated, “India is the world’s largest and most vibrant democracy where every citizen longs to live a vibrant life with a peaceful situation. The responsibility of ensuring peace in the Nagaland state is not only that of the people living here, but also that of the central government and the Nagaland state government, and for which, the people of ENPO appeal the honourable prime minister of India and the state government of Nagaland to initiate peace talks at the earliest so that peace and normalcy can be restored.”

The ENPO also appealed to the prime minister “to take a pragmatic step to the problem so as not to confront with the same news of violence, crime, war and unrest. And if this is not checked in time, we foresee that there could be more burdensome future for the people living in the region.”

Image : Representational


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