Manipur :Governor Dr.Najma wants change in education system

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Imphal (Manipur):   Governor of Manipur Dr. Najma Heptulla said  we should ask how much a child knows instead of how much a child do not know while imparting knowledge to the children.  Governor Heptulla attending the Silver Jubilee Celebration of Council of Higher Secondary Education Manipur organised by the Council at MSFDC Auditorium, here on Monday   said that the council has introduced many initiatives and the most important thing is the digitization.  
Today students are more independent as compared to our time as they can get every answer that we want and now the world is in our palm today, she said.
Because of the availability of the facilities, research in science and technology, is very important addition in seeking knowledge. Mentioning her experiences in education and political field, the Governor said that there are many things that she did not know. There are many things that nobody is expected to know. But today how much a child knows should be the way of looking in educational system. “I want to tell the teachers that the mind of the child is always questioning and so the teacher should never mind the questions of the students as education is not just learning to read and write but knowing your surrounding, observing, questioning etc. we are all the time learning” she said. 
Students should spend several numbers of hours on extra curricular activities as most of the time they are inside the four walls glued to their gadgets which is in away is good for learning, she added. Remembering Maulana Abul kalam Azad, she added that quality of mind is important to bring development and progress in the country and that we should be able to develop that kind of mind which can think, understand, which can look around the surrounding and see what can be done for the young minds.
Governor further added we should not forget our background. Our country has got tremendous knowledge of arts and crafts, traditions etc. and that part of the curriculum should be in traditional art and crafts. Students who do not want to go for higher studies but have skills in traditional arts and crafts should be educated through distance learning, she added
 She further added that time has come to think about giving the best education to students at higher secondary level but also on preserving our arts and crafts, which the state is well known. And the Council should think about how to improve and integrate to give a holistic education to the children of Manipur besides their continuing effort to develop the Council. We have to work harder to make Manipur in par with other states of the country and will try to solve the problems that the students of this State are facing in mainland India, she said.
Governors’ office is planning to organise interaction programme with the students from next year for every week. Students selected from all levels will be invited at the Raj Bhavan to discuss on the various issues concerning their studies and to see what can be done for them, she added.
Th. Radheshyam Singh, Minister of Education said that Council has come a long way to reach upto this level and has to move on with the pace of the change. The role of council becomes crucial at this stage as it is the turning point of the adolescent students who are taking up higher studies. While educating the students we need to know the three important things of education– Knowledge, skill and understanding and focus on the changes that are taking place at present and think of the future, he added.
 Young minds have to bring solution to the problems faced in the State and that has to be the goal of education, he added. Talking on the subject offered by the students, the Minister further added that relevancy is the most important theme of education and we should make the students choose the relevant subject after follow-up and evaluating the subject to carry on with their future and try to guide and mentor the young minds that has lot of potentials so that they can bring solution to the problems not only for the country but for the entire world.


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