Arunachal or South Tibet? What next

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 Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh ):Amid growing war of words with India over Arunachal Pradesh, China has reaffirmed it’s territorial claim by renaming the frontier north east Indian province South Tibet two weeks after the region hosted the Dalai Lama.
According to a state run daily, the civil affairs ministry announced it on April 14 renaming six places in the frontier state as B mo  La, Namkapub Ri, Mainquka, Mila Ri, Wo’gyanling, Wood ngarbo Ri in the south Tibet area.
According to Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson on Wednesday, the south Asian power had every legitimate right to rename  an area under it’s territory in view of the Buddhist link to Tibet. They claimed to have taken the unilateral decision according to the laid down Chinese rule of laws.
In a regular briefing Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Kang Lu said the country has been doing second census of the places and their names have been changed and standardized in ethnic language.
Beijing has been accusing New Delhi of deploying the Tibetan spiritual leader in the anti Chinese activities, a charge India straightly denied. The Chinese authority, further, had been accusing India of downplaying it’s interest by hosting the Dalai Lama during the last week.


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